The importance of Coaching and Team Building in AffiliRed.

Día de coaching

Ever since the company was created, AffiliRed has had a clear vision of the values that wanted to prevail within its team.

Passion, enthusiasm, teamwork, respect, trust, modesty, learning and empathy are the key values for AffiliRed as a company. Why? Because we are aware that the proper functioning of a company depends on team work. But theory is not enough. Taking action is a must!
The team is the force that leads all organizations to success,
and our CEO Diego Gomila knows this very well. That’s why he decided to introduce Coaching Sessions and Team Building activities: a dynamic and collaborative work approach to learn how to reduce work conflict and improve staff relationships.

The first contact with the Coaching world was in our offices in Spain at the hand of coach Montse Ibáñez who is a coaching and business communications specialist. The aims of these first sessions were to introduce the AffiliRed Team to the principles of Emotional Communication and Assertiveness. These sessions consisted in practising different group dynamics and gain insights in to how important different roles are to develop the company. The response was really positive and more importantly: the whole team concluded the sessions with a clear view of the importance of their role in the company, knowing that no one is more important than the other, and that everyone of us is crucial for the development of the company.

Given the positive response from the team to these workshops, the inclusion of coaching sessions and activities in AffiliRed was decided, always focused on improving as a company and as individuals.

The second big session took place at the Marriott Hotels & Resorts in Palma de Mallorca (Spain)  last year. But this time instead of a coaching session the team enjoyed a relaxing Team Building weekend.  After holding the AffiliRed Summit, the team enjoyed a relaxing day in a perfect setting, with the sole aim of getting to know the human side of each one of our colleagues in order to improve the daily working relations.

This year the Asia Pacific Divison also enjoyed a Coach Session by Montse Ibañez. These workshops were focused not only on Team Work and Assertiveness, but also in managing High Performance Teams. This time not only did the team learnt from these sessions but the coach also gave us some great feedback from this experience.

AffiliRed team building in Asia.

The third one was also a Team Building expeience, and was one of the most excited ones as it took place in the magical city of Marrakech (Morocco). The aim of this trip was to enjoy the different group activities to improve the team motivation and create genuine bonding between different departments. A successful team building activity will reflect in a more comfortable and successful workplace environment.

Coaching in Marrakech.

Rosa López, the Accounting Manager said about this trip “This trip has meant an encounter with the human side of the company, an encounter with laughter and shared memories. I have discovered new facets of my colleagues that you can’t see in your daily work in the office and have felt that the team is a unit indeed… that is, I have experienced everything that gives shape and consistency to improve human relationships which is something important to hold on to when things don’t go smoothly”.

The latest coaching sessions have squared the circle which was started late last year in Son Antem.  The “I want you to be happy” sessions were concentrated in 2 days with different activities.  The first coaching sessions were led by the renowned coach Joaquín Juan, an expert in Business and relationship Coaching, offering the team excellent advice about happiness in life and in the workplace. This is what he said about AffiliRed and coaching sessions:

Very few companies are  interested in increasing the happiness of their workers. Now we are recovering from a severe global crisis we realise that we must go to the metaphysics of the business world: the human capital.

In any competitive environment, to be in the top of the excellence, we must take care of the people who give value to the clients. These people, if satisfied and motivated, will performance their job from with all their HEART, and this will be the main differential value expected”.

The second session was led by Montse Ibáñez. The day was focused this time on more playful group activities. On the idillyc beach of Muro, in the North of the island of Mallorca, we enjoyed of a fun day out full of group games focused on enhancing mutual trust and respect.Coaching day

The day ended with the expected AffiliRed Summer lunch at the well known Restaurant La Ponderosa. Where, embraced by the sea breeze, the sunbeam and the sand we toasted for another year full of prosperity and success. Montse also gave us these beautiful words:

It’s a pleasure working with companies like AffiliRed, where the management has a clear view of the importance of coaching. After all, companies are people who relate and work to achieve the same goal. It’s therefore vital to work on the communicational skills, emotional intelligence, teamwork, emotional leadership and conflict management among others. The greater management of these areas, the higher excellence and well-being. Not only will we achieve better results but we will also feel more satisfied and motivated in our job.

Coaching in La Ponderosa

AffiliRed is now committed to keeping Coaching and Team Activities as part as their annual planned activities always keeping in mind that the ultimate goal is to encourage a healthy and good work environment in order to work unified as a company and to accompany AffiliRed in its journey to success.  


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